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国际植物繁育者协会(IPPS)聚集了来自全球植物繁育领域的专业人士(也包括园艺研究 和教育方面),IPPS 旨在帮助会员提升植物繁育领域方面的专业知识与技能。

IPPS 会员有权参与协会举办的各类会议和培训、短期考察、研讨会等,并浏览阅读自 1951 年起 IPPS 所有年会的会议纪要。 

IPPS is a global network of plant production professionals, including those involved in horticultural research and education. IPPS aims to improve the knowledge, skills and professionalism of its members.

IPPS members have access to educational conferences, field days, seminars and its vast library of horticultural knowledge, the combined proceedings of all annual conferences since 1951.